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Mission & History

Who We Are

Building Communities, Educating Families, Providing the Foundation for a Better Future.

Education Based Housing, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide safe and affordable housing to low-income families, while offering individuals and seniors the educational tools they need to better provide for themselves as well as the ability to pass these tools on to future generations.

How We Accomplish Our Mission:

Educating Families 

Education Based Housing, Inc. educates families within the communities we serve by offering English language classes, High School Equivalency Exam prep classes, computer software training, parenting classes, personal and group counseling, and health and nutrition classes. Classes vary from location to location.

Building Communities 

Through social activities, such as book clubs, holiday gatherings, children’s crafts, and storytime, as well as on-site daycare centers, we strive to build a cohesive environment where area families feel comfortable and take pride in maintaining their community.

Providing the Foundation for a Better Future 

By expanding the knowledge and comfort level that individuals and families have with a variety of work-related skills, we can help broaden our families' opportunities and empower each member with practical skills to help them achieve their goals. With a variety of training programs including medical assistant and accounting specialist training, our class attendees are more equipped to seek better jobs and continue their education, so that they will be role models for their families and communities. 


Education Based Housing, Inc. (EBH) was started in 1999 to combine three basic components: education, housing, and job skills training. Through the housing tax-credit program, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs encourages developers to build comfortable, attractive, and affordable housing communities. EBH has partnered with such developers to provide these services for their residents.

EBH was started because we saw that there was a lack of educational and technological services available to single parent families. Our families had the desire to improve their quality of living, but lacked the resources to achieve their goals. By partnering with educational institutions, youth organizations and technology based companies, EBH was able to implement a program geared towards teaching High School Equivalency Exam prep classes, drug and gang prevention, financial planning, jobs skills training, and parenting skills all to enable the residents to participate without leaving the community. This was achieved by offering licensed day-care centers on-site, after school enrichment programs, education centers with computer labs, and high-speed network internet access in each apartment unit.

The success we have had over the past few years specifically with our High School Equivalency Exam prep classes has been phenomenal. We have educated and assisted over 100 new High School Equivalency Exam prep class graduates and High School Graduates. There have been well over 49 students who have received acceptance letters to colleges as well as financial aid assistance. Additionally, we have other High School Equivalency Exam prep class graduates who have gone vocational colleges and some have obtained better jobs as a result. Our success has been acknowledged by North Harris College and as a result, of our student’s accomplishments, several have participated in the North Harris College and Houston Community College graduation ceremony. These success stories are examples of only a few of the lives that we have touched. With your help, EBH can do so much more.

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